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This collection was made in collaboration with the artist Emily Rose Michaud. The research, experimentation and creation took place over one year (2022-2023).

This series is being offered as a limited edition collection which can be acquired as a set of seven plants (as an entire season) or as an individual plant you may have a personal resonance with. Every piece is framed, illuminated and ready to install.

Our frames are made of local cherry wood from Marie’s father's sawmill. Each part of the lighting system and frame is carefully thought through and tailor-made by the artists.

The project began with the creation of drawings within a hexagon, inspired by patterns found in nature. This six-sided shape references a water molecule, a powerful elemental symbol of the planet Earth. We share these molecules as memories with all beings around us. It is a symbol of unification and of our innate ability to connect to Earth.

To represent each of the four seasons in North America, seven local plants from the Outaouais region in Québec were chosen. Specific plants were selected based on the relationship and personal anecdotes the artists had with each one. Each piece was engraved into a slab of clay, from which a plaster mold was made. Liquid porcelain was poured into the moulds to produce a very thin and translucent tile.

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