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Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Why Public Art Is Important

From streets, buildings, and community spaces, we want to help shine the light on how important collaborative art must be shared with the public. We act as a catalyst to bring artists, community builders, and the public together to celebrate our common humanity. We are interested in the beautiful power that art holds- Its ability to unify hearts and souls.

Our work with light is unique and unusual. Light is immaterial, yet it can be treated as its own artistic medium. The play of light can have a great impact on a public space. It can completely change the mood and energy of a common space. This is why we love working with light.

Public art is like a time capsule. Instead of burying it for a future generation to see it, the art changes with the community it was made for. The human continuum is something beautiful, and we like to participate in this space. This is sensitive work. This is spiritual. This is about being aware of every human's profound needs.

Often, many folk get caught up in the individual doldrums of daily life. We believe it’s important to make public art collaboratively to build space for the public to share our common realities in this universe.

If you are an artist and any of our thoughts on why public art is important resonated with you, get in touch! We’re actively looking to collaborate with artists today.


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