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Exhibition Launch

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Becoming Light

The latest exhibition of L’atelier de l’Aube’s founders Marie Drolet and Oleksandr Polishchuk opens May 5, 2023, at the Saint John Arts Center, Saint John, New Brunswick.

The exhibition is a tour de force that explores the latest collection of hanging and table lamps. The work was started during their last artist residency at the Saint John Arts Centre this past October and November 2022. L'atelier de l'Aube will also present its first large-scale collaborative work with artist Emily Rose Michaud. This collection consists of 28 illuminated porcelain wall pieces that use motifs that reference local plants from the Outaouais, Québec.

This exhibition is the result of more than four years of experimentation, creation and collaboration between Drolet, Polishchuk, and other artists. The result- A refined approach to using porcelain.

Marie Drolet explains, “This work shows the complexity of the material while celebrating its simplicity to elevate natural forms. We are thrilled to present this work, its creativity, and its technological challenges. This exhibition is kind of a denouement, from our time at the residency, and also signals a new beginning.”

That newness that Marie Drolet speaks of is echoed by L'atelier de l'Aube officially launching this month. The new venture now makes these gorgeous pieces available for purchase.

Marie Drolet continues, “L’atelier de l’Aube is the space where beauty, creativity and technical mastery are combined. We are looking forward to sharing our latest collections with the public and continue to work on new projects that we are already imagining.”

The exhibition is a must-see for anyone who loves sculpture and light art combined.

The Exhibition runs from May 5, 2023, until June 30th, 2023.

Address: 20 peel Plaza, Saint John NB, Canada

For more information please visit the Saint John Arts Center

This project was possible with the financial contribution of CALQ


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